Pokémon Original Stitch

Original Stitch, a shirt company from Japan, is joining forces with Pokémon to create a trendy line of dress shirts. What makes this partnership so impressive is that consumers can buy a shirt inspired by all 151 original Pokémon. Not only can you choose from a robust selection, but the customization options are also excellent as well.

According to SoraNews24, Original Stitch allows consumers to personalize their shirts completely. Would you like to have your favorite Pokémon across your entire shirt? If so, you can do that. How about decorating the collar and pockets on the shirt? Sure, that’s acceptable too. You can even combine multiple Pokémon on the same shirt! The partnership between Original Stitch and Pokémon is especially exciting because you usually don’t see dress shirts for the gamer crowd.

Sure, there’s an awesome PlayStation button up (that I wear to work,) but I don’t know many video game companies catering to fans who want to represent their favorite brand in a professional setting. These Pokémon shirts are a no-brainer for people who love the style or want to have clothing for the office. The site says that orders will be up in February, and will cost $90 USD.

I really like that Original Stitch is working with an iconic video game brand to make awesome dress shirts. Hopefully, if this line does well, the company may consider adding more Pokémon to the mix. Maybe Original Stitch will be open to working with other brands to spruce up gamer wardrobes. What do you think about this Pokémon collaboration? Would you pick up a shirt? If so, which Pokémon would you choose? I’ll be picking up a Dragonite shirt, especially since dress shirts are perfect for the workforce. Leave a comment below with your favorite Pokémon from the original 151.

*Shirt Image is taken from the Pokemon shirts Instagram account.*

Andrew Gonzalez
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