New Pokémon Snap Metacritic

There’s not long to wait until New Pokémon Snap launches on Nintendo Switch. As a matter of fact, it launches tomorrow. Many of you may of noticed that the reviews from most publications are out in the wild. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the Nintendo Enthusiast review, but we can still take a look at the game’s overall reception. New Pokémon Snap has scored an 80 on Metacritic. Early reviews of the game indicate that it is a worthy sequel to the 1999 original on the Nintendo 64.

Here are a few excerpts from some of the New Pokémon Snap reviews:


New Pokemon Snap is easy to recommend to a wide audience. It’s a fun game for Pokemon fans, a worthy sequel for those who enjoyed the original, and a unique experience for those who are looking for something new to pick up and play in short bursts.”


New Pokémon Snap is a photography game with occasionally clunky progression, but which is eager to show off its delightful subjects and let them surprise you.”

Nintendo Life

“If, like us, you’ve been waiting a significant chunk of your life for a sequel to Pokémon Snap, then you’re in luck; New Pokémon Snap brings back almost everything that made the original special and fleshes it out into a much more elaborate game.”

New Pokémon Snap looks extremely immersive, boasting some beautiful visuals and fantastic ambience. It is no surprise that New Pokémon Snap has scored highly on Metacritic, and we can’t wait to dive in tomorrow. New Pokémon Snap launches tomorrow, April 30, and is available both physically or through the Nintendo Switch eShop.


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