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Psyonix has just released a brand-new patch for Rocket League. This new update bumps the game version up to Version 1.57. This release comes just days after the game received a new DLC pack which added a hot, new rocket-modified McClaren 570s supercar. 

Here are the patch notes:



  • Corrected rear wheel placement on the ‘’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34’ 
  • The force that flips cars into upright position will no longer accidentally trigger during dodges 
  • Fixed an issue causing the Camera Shake option to not be respected in all contexts 
  • Inventory window will no longer disappear when searching an item name


  • The “No XP awarded. Minimum score threshold not met.” notification may appear despite earning enough XP in a match 
  • This is only a notification error; your account is still earning the appropriate amount of XP 
  • Most Recent’ filter option may not sort your inventory correctly 
  • At the end of a Competitive Match, the end match screen may say you have been demoted to Unranked 
  • This is only a visual notification error; you have not dropped to Unranked 
    Tournament creators may not be able to spectate matches

The patch doesn’t really include any major overhauls to the game aside from mostly bug fixes. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see the team make so many constant adjustments to ensure that that the game is kept in prime condition.

Additionally, check out the trailer for the aforementioned new McClaren DLC car pack:

A.K Rahming
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