Well, if it was ever in any doubt that Nintendo wants your money, Nintendo got rid of it with a single tweet. After announcing five new characters and echo fighters in its Nintendo Direct this morning, the company tweeted that each character would also be getting an amiibo in the future. Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont, King K. Rool, Chrom and Dark Samus will be among the characters to get figurines. Unfortunately, no date or price has been given yet for their release.

With so many new echo fighters and characters, those that have already collected the full set of amiibo will still have a while before they have every last one. Will you be picking up any of the newly announced figurines? If so, which ones are you looking forward to?


Eli Pales
Eli buys virtually every Nintendo title that comes out but has expanded his collection to include amiibo. He hasn't taken them out of their boxes, though, so he might be a bit insane. When not playing video games, Eli likes writing about politics and games. He also runs a decent amount. Outside.


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