New Super Lucky’s Tale

With charming visuals, multiple hub worlds, and tons of platforming variety, I thought I would adore Super Lucky’s Tale when it launched on Xbox One. Sadly, it disappointed. Due to the fixed camera angles, it was often difficult to predict where Lucky would land, which resulted in numerous annoying deaths. While the game offered boatloads of cuteness and great level design, those darn camera angles bogged down the entire experience. Ultimately, it left me frustrated and not eager to keep playing.

Lucky for us, developer Playful is back again with New Super Lucky’s Tale, a reimagined and tweaked version of the same game launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch. This reimagined version offers a fully controllable 3D camera with a handful of quality-of-life fixes and new additions. And boy, do these changes make a helluva difference — New Super Lucky’s Tale is easily one of the best 3D platformers on Nintendo Switch.

The original game released two years ago, so I won’t bore you with details that you probably already know. Instead, let’s talk about the Switch differences specifically. I’ll start with the most obvious change: the reworked camera system. New Super Lucky’s Tale allows you to move the camera 360° around Lucky and also lets you zoom in and out by pushing up and down on the right stick. This drastically improves the platforming in the game. Now you can pinpoint exactly where Lucky is going to land after jumping. But the camera isn’t the only improvement developer Playful has made.

During my time with New Super Lucky’s Tale, I jumped back and forth between the Xbox One version and the Switch version. That way I was able to notice all of the little changes the studio made – from new levels, cutscenes, and story moments to enhanced animations, UI, and music. This is not merely a port of the Xbox One game.

There are quality-of-life changes all throughout New Super Lucky’s Tale. I constantly noticed completely reworked puzzles and environments. Along with that, the jumping, sliding, and attacking all flow together better now. These changes, coupled with the fully-controllable camera, truly make a difference.

Speaking of sliding, this ability of Lucky’s is brand new to the Nintendo Switch version. You can use it to slide down slopes (of course) and also keep your momentum between platforms. Traversing through each world feels extremely satisfying once you find your rhythm. Playful meticulously crafted the levels around Lucky’s abilities. That brings me to my next topic: the worlds.

Throughout New Super Lucky’s Tale, there are six different hub worlds, each packing a different theme and levels. Most of the levels, old or new, are a blast to complete. They range from linear platforming, open areas for exploring, and side-scrollers. There are even some that focus solely on puzzle solving, which are usually fun to solve. Each world comes packed with cute characters and cartoonish stories. New Super Lucky’s Tale definitely tugs on your heartstrings with its adorable characters and comedic moments.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. I do have a few gripes. While the platforming is a massive improvement over the original, I was still annoyed by the ground pound attack every now and then. Sometimes it would auto-aim for bouncy platforms, and other times it wouldn’t. Lucky’s Tale on Switch also has some slow-down and pop-in; thankfully, this is never anything extremely jarring. Aside from that, the colors don’t look as vibrant as the original. But I’m honestly indifferent to that last change, as it’s still bursting with colors and personality.

Final Thoughts

From beginning to end, New Super Lucky’s Tale is a much more streamlined experience than the original. Any qualms I had with the original game have been rectified in this reimagined edition for Nintendo Switch. The game is oozing with charm and keeps you coming back. It’s a fun-filled experience that shouldn’t go unplayed by 3D platformer fans.

Release Date: Nov. 8, 2019
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Platformer, action
Publisher: Playful Corp.
Developer: Playful

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New Super Lucky's Tale


Overall Score



  • Great level design
  • Charming worlds
  • Gameplay variety
  • Reworked camera


  • Some technical issues
  • Wonky ground pound attack
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