With Super Mario Party‘s release fast approaching, more and more details on the game have started to stager out. The latest comes in the form of a brand new trailer. Nintendo UK has posted an official launch trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

The brand new trailer highlights all the new features coming to the game, with the slogan “Throw a party anytime, anywhere, with anyone in Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch!” The trailer also mentions that the game will feature a whopping 80 new minigames which can be played locally with friends or online. These minigames promise to take full advantage of the Joy-Con controllers. We can see players spinning, swinging, and tilting their Joy-Con in a variety of minigames.

Discover New Modes to Play Together

In this section of the trailer, we learn about new modes that players can enjoy together. The first mode shown off is rhythm minigames. Here we can see numerous minigames that will require players to compete in rhythm style competitions. Some of the games shown off include dancing, marching, and even baseball.

Next, we get a look at the recently announced River Survival mode. Here we can see players competing in the brand new mode as they row down the river as a group and battle it out in minigames. Players will have to be quick if they want to make it to the finish on time!

Toad’s Rec Room

Here we can see a brand new mode that takes advantage of the Switch’s portability. Players will use multiple switch consoles to play games that will stretch across both screens. The games featured include Shell Shocked Deluxe, Banana, Spilt, and Mini League Baseball.

Mario Party Mode

This is where we get a look at the classic Mario Party mode we’ve all grown to love. As always players will compete on a game board with hopes to collect the most stars and be crowned the minigame champion. We also get a look at the “Partner Party” which will allow players to team up and compete as a team.

Challenge Road

Another new addition to the game is Challenge Road. Players will have to overcome unique challenges in minigames. For players to reach the finish line, they will have to face off against Goomba in a final challenge.

Online Mariothon

As expected, this the online mode for the game. This is where players will have the chance to compete in minigames with other players around the world. Something tells me this is going to get quite competitive.

Super Mario Party is really shaping up to be a great game. What are your thoughts on the new trailer? As always let us know what you think down below!

Super Mario Party launches on October 5th.


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