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Following rumors that a new Switch with improved specs is on the way, Nintendo has announced a revised model of the original Nintendo Switch with significant improvements to battery life. The new model number is HAC-001(-01), and its existence is confirmed on Nintendo’s website, where a comparison page for the Switch and Switch Lite notes that the forthcoming model will have a battery life lasting from four-and-a-half to nine hours.

This means that the revised model has even better battery life than the recently unveiled Switch Lite. Nintendo’s page uses The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as an example of each model’s typical battery life for more taxing games. As many of us are aware, the original model can handle around three hours of Breath of the Wild compared to the Lite’s 4 hours. Blowing past both of these, the new model can handle a whopping 5.5 hours.

Nintendo’s comparison page seems to imply that this version will replace the original Switch. If this Switch model is the one from the most recent round of rumors, then it may also feature slightly better performance, more internal storage, and it could close off several exploits that enable hacking on the original Switch.


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