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Leading up to the fast-approaching release of the highly anticipated story DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Cindered Shadows, Nintendo has been dropping tidbits of information on what players can expect from the challenging new side-story. We learned previously that Cindered Shadows won’t play out like a typical playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses – your characters, as well as their classes and abilities, are limited and pre-determined. A recent post from the official Fire Emblem Twitter account now confirms that your money and resources in the side-story DLC are limited, as well.

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The tweet revealed that the Abyss, the underground facility under the campus of Garreg Mach that serves as your base of operations during Cindered Shadows, contains a few useful facilities that you’ll need to utilize in order to give yourself the upper hand during battle. A weapon shop and a blacksmith forge are available to use as you see fit, but don’t go spending and upgrading all willy nilly. The amount of money you can earn in Cindered Shadows is limited, as are the amount of resources available to you. You’ll need to carefully pick and choose how you decide to spend, because you likely won’t be able to afford everything available to you. A specific resource, the Smithing Stone, is obtained by either winning battles or Armor Breaking large enemies.

Cindered Shadows is set to release for owners of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Season Pass on Feb. 13 via the Nintendo eShop.


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