Indie developer powerhouse Shin\’en has been very busy on Nintendo systems as of late. From the stellar Jet Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai to the upcoming Fast Racing Neo, Shin\’en has taken pride in providing Nintendo fans with quality experiences. It seems like the trend will be continuing beyond Fast Rocket Neo, as Shin\’en designer Martin Sauter announced today:

\”I can\’t post too many information at the moment, but I can confirm, that this will not be a simple port or remake of the Wii version. It will be a standalone, full new product and we try it to create the most exciting eShop game in 2014. Plus there is another Wii U game I\’m currently working on. It should get revealed in the next weeks, but that’s all I\’m allowed to write.\”

Could we see another entry into the Nano series? Or will it be a brand new IP from Shin\’en? All we know right now is that the indie scene is thriving on the Wii U, and Shin\’en will be one of the heads of the revolution.

Shawn Long
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