Nexomon: Extinction patch 1.0.6 goes live for more monster collecting

Nexomon: Extinction patch 1.0.6 VEWO Interactive and PQube

Today monster tamer game Nexomon: Extinction patch 1.0.6 went live. This brings the Nintendo Switch version of the game from VEWO Interactive and PQube up to date with other versions. Looking through the response from players on Twitter, it seems like the Switch version is one of the most stable. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users have reported crashes, but so far Switch users have seemingly not had any complaints.

Nexomon: Extinction patch 1.0.6 for Switch users includes some new items and features. For example, it’s now possible to enable and disable certain items with the “Action” button. You can equip Healthy and Workout Charms, and all equippable items are now at the top of your inventory. The Safe-Load system also now “resets all equippable items to their default setting.”

There are two new items, the Repel Spray found in a chest in the west of Laterian prison and the Challenge Badge, which will cut the time it takes for you to be rematched from 15-20 minutes to 8-12 minutes. That one can be found in a chest in the Frozen Guild Outpost Basement.

Lastly, Nexomon: Extinction has received a fourth save slot, and the save slots have been enlarged to be more readable on Switch Lite.


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