Nexomon: Extinction reveals all nine starters for monster catcher


It was confirmed last month that the Pokémon-like monster-catcher game Nexomon: Extinction will be coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. Now developer Vewo Interactive and publisher Pqube have released images showing the nine starters you can pick from when you get your hands on the game.

Any Pokémon series fans will understand the term “starter,” but for those uninitiated into the world of monster-catching games, these are the creatures that you get to pick from and start your adventure with. They’ll accompany you through the entire game should you choose and can turn into one of your most powerful allies, as long as you put in the work to train them. While the Pokémon games offer you a choice of one of three starters, Nexomon: Extinction makes the choice even harder by offering you nine.



Water-element Noki is an amphibious Nexomon that can also fly and has a heroic spirit. The core characteristics of this Nexomon are its loyalty and self-confidence.



Electric-element Gekoko has the ability to walk on any surface thanks to its sticky feet. They loves to hide from people for long periods of time, which can’t be too helpful when you need yours for a battle.



Scary-looking Ghost-element starter Nexomon detaches its head from its body to scare off opponents. I’d say that’ll work judging by this horrific image.



Fire-element Lume has its feet, head, and tail all entirely engulfed in flame. Don’t hug it.



Psychic-element starter Masquiti has an obscure sense of humor. I just think it looks mental.


mearn starter

Wind-element Mearn is a fierce Nexomon with an outwardly cute appearance. Mearns are the wild cats of Nexomon: Extinction, and they use their entangled tails to bend the wind to their will when hunting for prey.


trebly starter

Mineral-element Trebly is always up for a headbutting contest, eager to prove just how durable its horns are.


mara starter

Plant-element Mara is gorgeously cute and intelligent and charms its enemies in the heat of battle.


dinja starter

Finally, we have Dinja, your Normal-element starter. Its short legs and massive ears mean that it spend most of its time jumping around as opposed to running.

Which starter would you be keen to spend most of your time in Nexomon: Extinction with when it launches? My favorite’s Mara. You can watch a teaser video for the game below.


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