Next Utawarerumono game Monochrome Moebius is almost complete

The next Utawarerumono game, titled Monochrome Moebius: Toki no Taika, is in the works, and it is almost complete for its 2022 launch in Japan. Producer Naoya Shimokawa shared the latest details in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine (via Ryokutya2089).

Below are highlights from the Famitsu interview with producer Shimokawa:

  • (On why it doesn’t have the Utawarerumono title) “I felt that the name Utawarerumono had become more of a theme title rather than the title of a work. It now feels like a term for a great man whose name is left behind in history.”
  • “Also, we’re taking on various challenges with this new title, so we want it to be seen as something completely new.”
  • “Over 90% of the in-game music consists of completely new songs. The music is taking a different direction from the trilogy’s compositions.”
  • “Look forward to more information to find out about the genre. (I can’t say much for now) but the story starts with a surprising truth when Shunya makes an appearance.”
  • “Development is about 85% to 90% complete.”
  • “Other new titles related to Utawarerumono are also in the works, but we’re focusing on Monochrome Moebius first.”

Aquaplus revealed the new game during the Utawarerumono 20th anniversary live stream, which you can check out below, cued up to the 2:07:31 mark to watch the teaser trailer:

Monochrome Moebius: Toki no Taika launches in 2022. Aquaplus has yet to announce the platforms.


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