Niantic’s upcoming mobile title Pokemon Go is gaining them some serious attention. Having already gained $30 million in funding from Nintendo and Google, they have now raised another $5 million from various sources. These new investors include Alsop Louie, former Havas boss David Jones (and his new venture You and Mr Jones), Fuji Television, Lucas Nealan, and Cyan and Scott Banister.

Chief executive of Niantic John Hanke says that each new investor brings something strategic to the company. Banister and Nealan will bring tech industry connections, for example, while “Louie, who founded the pioneering game company Spectrum Holobyte and was an investor in Hanke’s previous startup Keyhole (later turned into Google Earth) is joining Niantic’s board of directors. Jones previously worked with some of the biggest brands in the world while at Havas, and that’s something Niantic will need in the future as it creates more branded games on top of its location-based game engine.” Hanke says that it will be evident later why Japanese company Fuji TV is getting involved.

Hanke confirmed that more details on the game will be shared soon, and that Pokemon Go was “looking good.”



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