Pokémon GO Niantic $4 billion evaluation

Niantic is rolling in the Pokédollars thanks to Pokémon GO. According to the Wall Street Journal, the US software developer who created what became a worldwide phenomenon back in 2016 is worth a reported $4 billion in total. They earned a crazy $80 million in revenue in just November alone. It’s safe to say they know what they are doing and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Recently, we got an update that allows for Trainer Battles and leagues, something I wrote about a while back with future features I would love to see added. It seems they listened to the players and are finally giving us what we want. What would a Pokémon mobile game be without the opportunity to battle it out with your friends?

While Pokémon: Let’s Go may have distracted players for a little bit, they sure aren’t stopping on shelling out money to progress in the game. I for one will continue to enjoy playing this game, and for some of my friends and me, the hype has yet to stop. Plus, don’t forget, trainers, December brings some holiday goodies to the game that you will not want to miss out on. Congratulations to Niantic and keep up the good work.


Tarah Bleier


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