Pokémon GO Niantic Wayfarer announcement

It’s a good time for Pokémon GO fans. In addition to all of the events on the horizon, Niantic has just announced a new program for Pokémon GO players to nominate their own PokéStops and gyms. Dubbed “Niantic Wayfarer,” eligible players will have the ability to set particular geographic coordinates as places of interest for all Niantic products such as Pokémon GO and Ingress. In fact, in the early days of GO, high-level Ingress players were able to influence the new game using a similar system.

This new program will put eyes on the ground for Niantic, which can’t police every point of interest itself. The main idea is to ensure that PokéStops and gyms are unique and safe to get to. Wayfarers will also strike down points of interest that are on private property, on school property, unsafe, or seasonal. The info video has more details on what Niantic considers to be a good spot or not.

Details on what makes one eligible to be a Niantic Wayfarer are scarce at the moment. It would stand to reason that people would need to be high level, while also having some measure of seniority in the game. Whatever the criteria, this role is something that many players would love to have. Seeing as how the program will be rolling out before the new year, we’ll hopefully get more information soon.

What about you? Are you interested in becoming a Niantic Wayfarer? Are there any spots in front of your house that you want to nominate? Let us know!

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