Classic arcade shoot-em-up Ikargua is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 29, Nicalis has announced in a blog post.

Question: What’s black and white and fun all over? Answer: Ikaruga, the legendary vertically-scrolling arcade shoot-‘em-up that’s headed to Nintendo Switch on May 29.

The game will be priced at an afforable $14.99, and boasts local co-op, two game modes, and more.

Ikaruga originally launched in 2001 for arcade systems in Japan, later to see a western console release on the Nintendo Gamecube. Following that, Ikaruga launched for Xbox 360.

About Ikaruga:

“Playing as the rebel freedom fighter Shinra, pilot of the advanced Ikaruga aircraft, you must defeat the relentless forces of a conquering nation not only by dodging and shooting, but also by switching between two polarities—black or white—to absorb enemy bullets of matching color. The ability to switch polarities at the press of a button adds a tactical, puzzle-like element to the action, and as you absorb bullets you’ll power-up your ship’s homing laser to dish out up to 10 times more punishment. Additionally, blasting enemies of opposite polarity allows you to inflict double damage on your foes. But beware: One hit from an opposite-polarity bullet will mean the destruction of your ship.”

Are you looking forward to this arcade gem making its way onto Nintendo’s hybrid console? Chime in below, let us know!

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