A new Tweet reveals the latest teases in this ongoing saga. Nicalis have been teasing a release of The Binding of Isaac for the Nintendo 3DS for well over a year now. Ever since the original pitch was blocked due to Nintendo’s former out dated censorship regulations. In an image Tweeted yesterday, by Nicalis found Tyrone Rogriguez a Nintendo 3DS can clearly be seen in the top left corner.

Satisfied so far with Super8bit NES clone. Lots of output options. Casing is odd, but functional pic.twitter.com/jfzdh01Np2

— Tyrone Rodriguez (@tyronerodriguez) March 4, 2015

On first glance it doesn\’t look like much, but thanks to some eagle eyed fans out there, what is being displayed on the top screen of the handheld has been analysed. In the screenshot below, it’s quite visible that the Nintendo 3DS is in fact displaying the title screen of The Binding of Isaac. Whether or not this means that the game is indeed coming and the two parties have ironed out an agreement remains to be seen.




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