Nier Replicant Switch

A Reddit datamine into the guts of the newly released, self-described remaster/remake hybrid Nier Replicant ver1.22474487139 uncovered references to “NX” settings within the game’s code, with “NX” of course being the development codename for the Switch. This doesn’t mean that the game is coming to Switch or was even ever planned for the Switch, but combine this with the fact that a Switch version of Nier Replicant briefly appeared on Amazon France last year, and things get a bit more suspicious.

The original Reddit post also mentions, however, that a portion of the code pertaining to licensing strings, which would have been implemented much closer to the Nier Replicant‘s shipping date, abandons any mention of the Switch platform. Just like how the initial “NX” reference does not confirm anything, this does not shut anything down, but it does make it apparent that any Switch version’s development may have stalled or been delayed, if one ever existed at all.

Only time will tell if the update of the 2010 third-person ARPG will ever make its way onto the hybrid system. Obviously, it’d be wonderful to see Nier Replicant on the Switch, the sooner the better. Hopefully, whatever plans the “NX” in the game’s code reference are still in action – and if the power behind the Switch is a concern, maybe the heavily and recently rumored Switch Pro could save the day sooner rather than later.


Andrew Rockett
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