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Night Call falls into a curious new niche of game along with Neo Cab that combines the cab driver experience with solving life-and-death mysteries. That’s not a complaint though; it’s a fun idea. And publisher Raw Fury and developers Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin have revealed that Night Call will at last arrive on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on June 24. The game previously released on PC in July of last year. The date announcement trailer below gives you a taste of the game’s powerful neo-noir visual aesthetic, while also bombarding you with accolades the game has earned in the past year.

In Night Call, you are a Parisian cabbie on the night shift. Chatting with your riders will reveal more about their lives and provide clues about the identity of a serial killer, but both time and money are limited. The game attempts to offer replay value by changing who the killer actually is from one playthrough to the next. Additionally, the “Long Way Home” update from PC is included in this console version, which adds new stories and a Free Roaming mode.

Sister site PC Invasion reviewed Night Call last year upon its release and found that the game was thoroughly enjoyable but that repeated playthroughs felt a bit too redundant. Perhaps the updates since the game’s launch have remedied that issue.

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