Night in the Woods

Another weekend is behind us, and if you were lucky, you found the time to sink your teeth into a game or two. What did that entail for you? Whether you were knee-deep in the latest release or cruising through your backlog, let’s hear what you got done this weekend.

This weekend, I worked on Night in the Woods, primarily. I am trying to complete the game before it leaves Game Pass at the end of the month. So far, it’s pretty solid. It nails the small-town vibes and college-age personalities that it goes for. There is not much to speak of for gameplay, but that’s fine. So long as the story and characters remain engaging, I will be satisfied with this one.

Of course, I am also still playing way too much Halo Reach. It’s one of my favorite games ever, after all. I am always happy to unwind after a long day with a few rounds of Custom Games with friends.

What did you work on this weekend? Are you playing a brand new game, are you aimlessly managing your village in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or are you just doing some good old-fashioned backlogging? Share what you have going on in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
I'm the Reviews Editor here at Nintendo Enthusiast, and I'm a major fan of all consoles and eras. Follow me on Twitter @habitablestorm3 to talk games old and new.

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