Nike Air Max 97 Nintendo 64 shoes release date Sept. 25

My knowledge of fashion stems exclusively from watching Project Runway, and I’ve retained almost nothing from that. So I’m not the best person to be talking about Nike shoes or fashion in general. Yet here I am, telling you that Nike Air Max 97 shoes will be going on sale on Sept. 25, and they have a distinct Nintendo 64 inspiration.

The influence may not be immediately obvious, but the details pop out the longer you look. For starters, the colors of the Nike Air Max 97 shoes are pretty reminiscent of the gray shell and red, green, and blue buttons of a Nintendo 64 controller. Next, the tongues of the shoes read “POWER” and “RESET” respectively, like the buttons on the game console. A weird graphic that looks a lot like an ESRB logo is present inside the shoes. And even the “Air Max” logo is fashioned to resemble the Nintendo logo.

Nike Air Max 97 Nintendo 64 shoes release date Sept. 25 Nike Air Max 97 Nintendo 64 shoes release date Sept. 25

The Nike Air Max 97 “Nintendo 64” shoes will reportedly sell for $170, and apparently they have already begun appearing at Footlocker. Personally, I would never spend that much money on a pair of sneakers, but I know this is par for the course for collectors. So hey, if this is your thing, be on the lookout!

And speaking of Nintendo 64, check out this wild prototype Ultra 64 controller we reported on yesterday.


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