Ninja Issen Ninja Gaiden

At the 2020 Tokyo Games Show, game publisher CFK just revealed Ninja Issen, a heavy dose of side-scrolling, cyberpunk, and action inspired by Ninja Gaiden. The game is set to release on Switch and PC in 2021. Check out the reveal trailer below for a quick glimpse of vibrant, fast-paced action.

That Ninja Gaiden inspiration is really apparent, huh? Set in a 1980s cyberpunk world, Ninja Issen stars Kiba, a ninja facing false criminal accusations in an unfamiliar world. Out of time and out of place in a sprawling metropolis, Kiba is on a quest to restore his honor, save his princess, and find his way home. Along the way, players can count on a journey full of mysterious opponents, an electrifying soundtrack, and a whole lot of neon.

What do you think? Is this game now on your radar? Personally, I’m quite interested in trying it out sometime down the line. If you’re as down for something in the vein of cyberpunk Ninja Gaiden as I am, keep an eye on Ninja Issen – sure, it’s not the Ninja Gaiden 4 that the Blazing Chrome devs want to make, but Ninja Issen could certainly end up being a great game. For now, you can check out the game’s digital Tokyo Games Show exhibit and wait for a release date, which CFK promises will be revealed soon.

Source: PR.

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