Ninjala season 4

In just a few days, fans of energetic arena action will be able to get their hands on the open-beta for ninja bubblegum brawler Ninjala. The open beta is set to run for just a few days starting on April 28, giving eager fans a small taste of what to expect from the full free-to-play release in May. A big part of that full release was just discussed in the latest developer diary for the game, in which Ninjala game designer Morishita detailed the seasonal update schedule for the game and the optional Ninjala Pass unlock system.

There are plenty of systems and features in Ninjala to ensure players keep coming back to the game well after it comes out, and one of those features is the Ninjala Pass. Operating like a battle pass from any other modern online competitive game, this reward system lets you progress through 100 tiers of unlockables as you play the game and earn points, allowing you to nab new items, emotes, and more. There are free tiers available, as well as paid tiers if you purchase the pass.

Additionally, Ninjala will have seasonal updates. Each in-game season is expected to last around 8-10 weeks, with each of these seasons bringing along new weapons, stages, and features.

Ninjala will be available to download and play for free via the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 27.


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