GungHo Ninjala Episode 0: Ninja-Gum Is Born is a fun animated CG short movie

Following a long wait including one delay, Ninjala finally received an official release date of May 27 during the Nintendo Direct Mini, where it was also revealed that the game will be free to play. Not wanting to let the momentum die down, developer GungHo has now released a lengthy fully animated CG short titled “Ninjala Episode 0: Ninja-Gum Is Born,” explaining the origins of the game world and specifically of Ninja Gum. This gum serves as the versatile main mechanic of the game, where it can be used to dash around, disguise oneself, or create weapons. A clearly great amount of effort was put into this animated film, so it’s worth the watch if you have any interest in the game!

The CG short is about… ninja scientists creating Ninja Gum in an explosive experiment. Naturally, things don’t go precisely as planned, leading to an elaborate and fun fight scene. The hero also curses at 4:43, which, uh, is an odd thing to include for a game targeting children. And it is definitely targeting children, as you’ll see with the twist ending of “Episode 0: Ninja-Gum Is Born.”

That little oddity aside, GungHo is really doing a great job of making Ninjala not look like just a Splatoon clone. Here’s hoping they can stick the landing as May approaches. Tell us what you think of the short!


John Friscia
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