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GungHo Online Entertainment continues to chug along with its free-to-play multiplayer Ninja Gum action game Ninjala, which seems to be doing quite well for itself on Nintendo Switch. The latest video update for the game, Dev Diary #14, reveals that a Ninjala Monster Hunter Rise collaboration is on the way, occurring from April 27 to May 26. The collaboration will bring the following themed content to Ninjala:

  • Three Avatar costumes: Kamura Style, Rathalos Style, and Aknosom Style
  • Three Emotes: BBQ Success, BBQ Fail, and Weapon Sharpening
  • A MHRise 2 IPPON Decoration featuring a Palico and a Palamute
  • Two Gum Utsusemi of a Palico and a Palamute
  • A Monster Hunter Tee
  • A login reward:
    • MHRise Sticker featuring a Palico
  • A battle reward:
    • MHRise 1 IPPON Decoration

Across the same period of time as this Ninjala Monster Hunter Rise promotion, players can log in amid the GOEMON Matsuri to get upward of 600 Jala (“200 once a day for three days during the period”). Additionally, the Nissin U.F.O. Yakisoba Cup will occur on the weekend of April 24-25, the first official online tournament. The top four players will win exclusive Commemorative Tournament IPPON Decorations. Here are the other rewards:

  • Top 100: Gacha Coin x100
  • Top 1000: Gold Medal x50
  • Top 3000: Silver Medal x500
  • Top 5000: Extremely Addictive Emote
  • Top 10000: Bronze Medal x1000
  • Participation Reward: Nissin U.F.O. Yakisoba IPPON Decoration

GungHo announced back in January that Ninjala had surpassed 6 million downloads, and Monster Hunter Rise is surely the thing to keep the good times rolling. An online tournament doesn’t hurt either though.

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