Ninjala patch 1.2 addresses balance issues, introduces QOL changes weapon balance

Ninjala is off to a pretty popular start. The game’s official Twitter account revealed yesterday that the spunky, bubble gum-filled free-to-play title from GungHo Online Entertainment has already surpassed two million total downloads. To commemorate the occasion, every player in the game will net a free 100 Jala. Check out the celebratory tweet below,

After releasing just last week, Ninjala quickly reached one million downloads. The team celebrated that milestone by handing everyone 100 Jala and 10 Ippon Gum weapon skins. The overload in day-one players may have contributed to the game suffering from a hefty share of bugs and disconnects.

After the initial excitement slowed down just a bit, the next million downloads for Ninjala took a few days longer to compile, but it’s there now. Slowly but surely, a fanbase is growing around the game. With updates and frequent support from GungHo Online Entertainment, the title can truly grow into something special – for now, being free-to-play on a platform as large as the Switch is sure to give the developers a massive install base before long.

Have you been able to try out Ninjala yet? What do you think of it? Are you encountering lots of bugs, or no? If you have not played the game yet, why not? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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