Ninjala, the “Ninja Gum” action game from GungHo with cutesy designs that has been begging Splatoon comparisons since its inception, has finally received an update from the Nintendo Direct Mini. Following a delay to spring 2020 last year, the game will now arrive on Nintendo Switch on May 27 — and surprisingly, it will be free to play.

In Ninjala, you prove you’re the ultimate ninja as one of eight players in a stage, sprinting around to earn points and come out on top. You can chew Ninja Gum to dash around at a high velocity, disguise yourself as something random like a sign, or just unleash a traditional beatdown with different weapons like hammers and yo-yos. Players can work together in 4v4 battles for supremacy.

Check out all the action in the Nintendo Direct Mini video we’ve cued up to the start of the game’s trailer.

It looks like GungHo has come quite a ways with the title, as it looks genuinely attractive and, dare I say, fun. The Ninja Gum mechanic sounds like an exciting gameplay differentiator with how much versatility it offers. I’m not sure what to make of the game being free to play yet, but at the least, we can hope that it helps to establish a fan base early and fast for this promising kid-friendly action game.

Will you be playing Ninjala come May 27?


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