Nintendo 64 portable

The Nintendo 64, while not as cool as its predecessors, was still the home of some amazing games. A few of these titles were ported to Nintendo’s handhelds, including Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Super Mario 64. But what about those of us who want to play other games we own that didn’t get the re-release treatment? On a Nintendo 64 portable, perhaps? That’s where modder GmanModz comes in.

A Nintendo 64 portable is preferable to a limited release mini console

Check out what GmanModz created below:

Very cool. As the Gman points out, there have been numerous custom made Nintendo 64 portables before. But this is officially the smallest one created. Not only is it made from real Nintendo 64 insides, but it also plays Nintendo 64 carts!

If you are wondering where some of the buttons are, Z and R are the shoulder buttons. The L button is activated by pressing in the left stick. The C buttons are triggered by the right stick. All in all, a very cool device you can fit in your pocket and take on the go (the only issue is finding space for all those chunky cartridges).

Enthusiasts, do you like GmanModz’s creation? Would you purchase an official Nintendo 64 portable if it was ever made? Let us know below.

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