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Fan creates ‘Nintendo Switchty-Four’ Nintendo 64 Switch dock

Fan creates Nintendo Switchty-Four Nintendo 64 Switch dock N64 Switch dock reddit

One Nintendo fan on Reddit has shared their “Nintendo Switchty-Four” creation, a Switch dock made out of a Nintendo 64. User slum_boy posted the new Nintendo 64 Switch dock they’d made after finding an old, non-functioning console at a garage sale. While some people may have seen this as an opportunity to fix up the retro console, slum_boy saw something different.

Fan creates Nintendo Switchty-Four Nintendo 64 Switch dock N64 Switch dock reddit

The build process

The first stage in this magnificent creation’s conception was to remove everything inside the Nintendo 64’s shell. The cartridge slot was then extended slightly so that it would fit the actual Switch tablet in there. However, before the tablet would fit, the dock’s hardware had to be taken apart and rebuilt inside the Nintendo 64 shell. An HDMI extender and USB-C extension lead were then added.

Thankfully, the Nintendo 64 shell has a lot of ventilation conveniently already built in it, so no issues there. This Nintendo 64 Switch dock goes a bit further to make use of its space though by adding in a GameCube controller adapter with extenders so that all the hardware could connect easily. Although, as the Reddit user explained, “The main problem with the build was finding space for all of the cabling, so I actually learned how to solder in order to shorten the extenders and the USB cables on the adapter. Once I had set the adapter, I just JB welded the extenders to the old controller sockets and they hold up quite well (so far)!”

While slum-boy does say that they’d like to have done more with the shell, they’d need 3D printing knowledge and a 3D printer to do it justice. The build doesn’t seem to be that complex, as long as you have all the gear. It took slum-boy more than a year to finish, and the final design wasn’t what they’d imagined at the start. The Nintendo Switchy-Four seemed to be worth it though.


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