For years, Nintendo’s Virtual Console has been Nintendo’s way of connecting Wii and Wii U owners with Nintendo’s rich library of games from generations past. The Virtual Console allows gamers to buy and download a vast array of games from previous console generations, including games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and numerous iterations of the handheld GameBoy system.

As of January 9, 2015, Nintendo of America has abandoned one of its trademark registrations for the Virtual Console. According the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the registration was cancelled because the “registrant did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8”. Section 8 filings are required to show continued use of the trademark, and a failure to file can result in the registration being cancelled.

While some internet speculation has suggested that this is the end of the Virtual Console, or presages a rebranding, it should be noted that every trademark registration is in respect of specific goods and services, and Nintendo of America maintains a number of trademark registrations for the Virtual Console.

The abandoned registration concerns only a number of paper-related goods, including notebooks, stationary, manuals, magazines, and paper towels. Gamers need not be too concerned, as Nintendo of America’s registration in respect of the service itself, however, remains live.

Most likely the abandonment of this registration is simply due to Nintendo no longer having any plans to sell goods such as notebooks and stationary with the Virtual Console brand. It’s also possible it’s a simple oversight, and the paperwork will be filed at a later date.

Until Nintendo abandons its registration in respect of the service itself, there’s no need to start hoarding your games.


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