Hmm…. Now why would they acquire a Research and Development center?

Mobiclip is now a subsidiary of Nintendo. Mobiclip is a Research and Development center specialized in the field of highly optimized software technologies. We are commited to provide the gaming industry with the latest innovations in middleware. (Mobiclip Website)


Mobiclip previously Actimagine develops Mobile TV and Mobile VOD software. Mobiclip has patents on its video codecs and DRM technology.

The company’s headquarters are located in Paris. It has a subsidiary in Tokyo and offices in Singapore and San Diego, California. Actimagine Corp. is a Delaware registered company.

Some notable customers include Nintendo, Sony Pictures Digital, and Fisher-Price. Nintendo licensed Mobiclip compression technology for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS video game consoles, used by popular games such as Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III and Konami’s Contra 4; Fisher-Price used them for its Pixter Multi-Media educational toy. Sony Pictures Digital and The Carphone Warehouse used Mobiclip software to deliver TV-like full length movies on MicroSD memory cards for smart phones. (Wikipedia)


Sounds exciting!


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