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Nintendo Switch is a big hit! Nintendo’s hybrid console has sold around 35 million units in just over two years. Nintendo has made a big splash in the Americas, Europe, and Japan, but there’s another major market they’re missing. With over 1.3 billion inhabitants, China is a massive source of untapped sales potential. That’s where Tencent comes in. The Chinese mega-publisher is now the largest video game company in the world. And they’re going to help Nintendo bring Switch to a new audience.

Nintendo and Tencent to bring Switch to China

Although Nintendo confirmed this partnership months ago, they’ve been quiet on the details. At a recent investor meeting, they told shareholders they had no timeline for a China launch. They also noted that they wouldn’t be factoring any potential Chinese profits into this year’s earnings forecast. However, it looks like there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. Tencent recently formed a new department focused exclusively on this new venture.

Today, Nintendo and Tencent took the next step. The two companies have announced a joint press conference set for August 2 in Shanghai. Steven Ma, Senior Vice President of Tencent, and Satoru Shibata, one of Nintendo’s Directors, will be in attendance. This event was announced via media invites, but they’re pretty vague. We don’t know exactly what information the two companies plan to reveal next Friday. Pricing, release date, and software lineup are all unknowns at this point. Hopefully we’ll have a much clearer picture by the end of next week.

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