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That was quite a Direct from Nintendo! From Kazuya joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Metroid Dread coming later this year, I was more than satisfied. One announcement I was particularly surprised with was Mario Party Superstars. Shockingly NOT DLC for Super Mario Party, this new entry in the series boasts five boards from the Nintendo 64 era and 100 minigames from the series catalog.

I was going to say Mario Party Superstars is an apology for Super Mario Party, but it still has issues

Check out a trailer for the new party game:

While it is nice to see the Nintendo 64 boards get a visual upgrade, part of the problem with Super Mario Party is the lack of levels. Superstars includes five boards from old titles in the series. This doesn’t rectify the issue!

Thankfully, this new game has some neat features. The 100 minigames are great, all game modes being playable online is fantastic, and, best of all, all the minigames can be played without motion controls!

Mario Party Superstars will hit the Nintendo Switch on October 29. You can preorder the title starting today through the eShop. Also, holy moly, it’s $59.99?! Hard pass for me.

Enthusiasts, will you be picking up Mario Party Superstars? Let us know below!


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