Mario Kart-themed go-kart racing, Mario Kart 8 demoing, photo ops, and all round fun

In the latest segment of Nintendo Nation, Jason Lepine takes us through the Mario Kart 8 promotional event at 401 Mini Indy put together by Nintendo of Canada.


A portion of Nintendo Nation’s extensive interview with Matt Ryan, a Nintendo spokesperson for Nintendo of Canada, can be read below.

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Jason: Hello everyone, I\’m here with Matt Ryan of Nintendo of Canada and today Matt could you tell us a bit about what this event is and what you have in store for us?

Matt: Of course. We\’re celebrating the launch of Mario Kart 8 today for the Wii U and we have what we\’ve coined the Mario Kart Canadian Karting Day here in Toronto at 401 mini-Indie which is a kart racing track. We are doing free karting for the first 500 people that come through. We got tons of free giveaways, we have Mario here obviously, we\’re letting people play Mario Kart 8 and we\’re actually doing this event in Montreal as well also today. We just want people to celebrate Mario Kart 8. The game launched yesterday and this is a great reason to come out and play and do some go-karting as well.

Jason: Now you said you had some giveaways, is this little shell here one of them?

Matt: Oh, now this is an earned giveaway. So this spiny blue shell here goes to the winner of the real karting races. Did you win, is this what happened here?

Jason: No I haven\’t won, I haven\’t even raced yet.

Matt: This is a slick trophy for the ones that win on the karting track and we have some other great giveaways such as flags, t-shirts and a bunch of other things for the fans.

Jason: Very cool, I definitely have to race and get one of these for myself.


For the full interview discussing Mario Kart 8’s new and returning features along with further details on Nintendo’s promotion strategy going forward, check back later today.


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