New UK TV spots focus on family and friendly feuds

It’s the promotional campaign that keeps on giving. Nintendo has dished out 2 more promotional television advertisements for Mario Kart 8 in the UK that focus on the heated competitive experience you receive when you play the game with family and friends.


Mario Kart 8 gets on the grid on 30th May. Who\’ll come out on top out of your friends?


Mario Kart 8 gets on the track on 30th May. Think you\’re the best racer in your family? Prove it!

The news doesn\’t stop there, as someone has spotted a Mario Kart 8 advertisement on the Amazon Kindle out of all places (seen above).

There are many places left for Nintendo to put Mario Kart 8, but they already have the arcade racer in theaters, on NASCAR, on E4, on posters in Japan, and likely other places.

Mario Kart 8 releases in the west in three days (or at Sears right now).

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