Bloomberg: Japan Nintendo developers take as long as they need to finish games to satisfaction, quality levels

Business publication Bloomberg today published an article about the extraordinary financial success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and how it has elevated Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite sales in the process. However, a notable detail in the article is about the Nintendo developers themselves, as it states the following: “Nintendo developers are allowed as much time as they need to be satisfied with the quality of the game before its release, according to a company programmer, who asked not to be identified because he’s not authorized to comment publicly.”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was indeed delayed past its original release window for further development, which allowed it to land serendipitously in the midst of a pandemic that required people to stay indoors. Frankly, most major AAA titles, Nintendo game or not, end up facing delays at one point or another. That makes a claim like Bloomberg’s difficult to verify one way or the other, but it would make perfect sense.

After all, the average Nintendo employee in Japan has been with the company for 13.5 years, which is incredible in this age of the “gig economy” and the like. If qualify of life working at this company were poor, there is no way job retention would be so awesomely high. Having leaders like the deeply revered former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also sets an optimistic and understanding tone for the company, while having someone like Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto around ensures that creativity will never dry up.


John Friscia
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