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With a few months between us and Nintendo’s fairly stellar E3 Direct showing, it’s time for another go with a classic edition of the September Nintendo Direct Special. In the lead-in to the Direct, fans are sure to share their predictions, hopes, and dreams; today, I’m asking you for what one pie-in-the-sky game you would really like to see revealed at tomorrow’s Direct.

My hope is the same as always: I want to finally see Pikmin 4 in some capacity. Now that Pikmin 3 Deluxe has released and hopefully introduced a few new fans to the series, tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct is the perfect opportunity to finally unveil the next entry in one of Nintendo’s strangest but most appealing franchises.

Pikmin 4‘s existence was seemingly confirmed by Miyamoto in 2015, but it is hard to have too much faith in that report multiple years later without a peep from the game. Every year, I hope for a chance to finally see what happened with the colorful RTS franchise, and every year I end up disappointed. Hopefully, Nintendo unveils the next Pikmin title at tomorrow’s Direct as a surprise title for early 2022, but I know that it most likely will be nowhere to be found. Oh well.

What do you want to see revealed most at tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct? Why? Let us know your choice in the comment section below.

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