Nintendo Direct

A natural disaster has hit Japan. Due to a strong earthquake that hit Hokkaido, Japan, the September 6 Nintendo Direct has been delayed for an undisclosed period of time.

The Direct was originally announced in the wake of a  rumored direct. Nintendo announced their decision via Twitter at this morning at 3 AM Eastern Time. The tweet is posted below.

The powerful magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck early on Thursday. According to CNN, at the time of writing this article, at least four people have lost their lives and an additional 31 are missing. Dozens of injuries have been reported, a large number of homes have been buried, and approximately 3 million people are without power. This earthquake has been costly already in damage and human life.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy. We hope that everyone missing is found safe and we wish a speedy recovery for Hokkaido. We fully understand and appreciate Nintendo’s decision to delay the Direct in the wake of a tragic event.

Andrew Rockett
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