The latest in the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games has been announced by Nintendo in todays Nintendo Direct.  SEGA is currently developing the Winter Olympics game for Wii U that is set in the Russian town of Sochi.  Sochi is in southern Russia, a resort town facing the Black Sea.  During the presentation, Nintendo used Wii Street U to show viewers the resort town and Satoru Iwata was surprised to learn of its sunny climate, contrary to the general consensus of Russian territories being extremely cold.

The game features enhanced graphics compared to older games in the series, with detailed characters and environment effects such as snow and ice which are realistically presented.  Additionally, the game uses the Wii Remote+ controller allowing for very intuitive game play.  Some other events like Curling use the Game Pad to share strategies with other players.  The Biathlon has players switch between the Wii Remote+ and Game Pad for different aspects of the event.  Skiing and Snowboarding are returning events.  Nintendo and SEGA have added Figure Skating Pairs, and Snowboarding Slope Style.

As well as offering official Olympic sports in Mario and Sonic, the game will feature Dream Events where the events are built in the worlds of Sonic and Mario and you can do dynamic moves that are not possible in real life.  The game will also feature a mixed event, where the players can combine sports such as Skiing, Skating, Snowboarding and Bobsleigh in one race.  In this event the player can experience a race that is also not possible in actual events at the Olympic Games.

More details and launch information is yet to come.

[Source: Nintendo]


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