NIS America President Takuro Yamashita recently talked about how Disgaea 5 Complete performed on Switch, as well as mentioned that the console’s market is growing rapidly. Read his full quote below.

“Disgaea 5 originally came out on PS4 and then a year and a half later it came out on Switch and did very, very well. Right now in the market, the PS Vita is obviously on its way out, but Switch is very strong. One thing in particular that makes it so strong is that it has that handheld function, so going forward as a company, we want to target PS4, Steam and Switch, because over the next two years, the Switch market is only going to grow and become stronger.”


“There’s definitely a feeling that Nintendo doesn’t want to lose to Sony. They’ve really changed their attitude, so I think the market will become very interesting going forward. We’ll continue to support the Vita digitally, but there’s a very strong chance the last physical title from us for it will be Ys VIII and Danganronpa V3.”

It’s interesting that Yamashita mentions he thinks Nintendo doesn’t want to lose to Sony. Although Nintendo has said they aren’t directly competing with Sony and Microsoft, it’s obvious that the sleeping giant is trying to take some of the hardware market, as the Switch is doing so well.


Aric Sweeny
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