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Nintendo news has come in awfully piecemeal fashion these days, and that will evidently continue, as per Nintendo Everything, Nintendo Dream magazine’s Sept. 19 issue will reveal a Switch game “that everyone will enjoy.” Zero details were provided beyond that, and due to the nature of the Japanese language, it’s not even clear if it’s just one game or multiple games that the magazine will reveal — though the former is likely.

It’s also possible that some other news source could reveal the game ahead of time and that Nintendo Dream is merely the first to reference its existence, so there’s a terrific amount of questions here. In any case, we sure hope the claims that it’s something everyone will enjoy are earnest and that we don’t have another Bakugan situation on our hands.

There is a strong rumor that a Nintendo Direct of some kind will be occurring this Friday, Aug. 28, via VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb. However, Grubb has since doubled down on the notion that there’s a good chance it’s not a full, general Direct, though he firmly believes large Nintendo announcements will come by “the middle of September.”

The middle of September incidentally brings us back to Nintendo Dream. Stay tuned for more announcements.


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