What could Nintendo reveal at E3? We know the company has emphasized first-party development in the last few years, which could mean more franchise reinventions like Breath of the Wild. And with a new president in Shuntaro Furukawa, the future looks bright for the developer. So, with all this said, what could Nintendo bring to this year’s E3 to truly get fans excited?

Nintendo will dominate…again

Nintendo has turned the E3 into a spectacle by being itself. What I mean is, there’s no Nintendo press conference per se. They aren’t cramming theaters like the Xbox or PlayStation camps. Instead, Nintendo has opted for micro-presentations, focusing on discussing the games its bringing to the table. Heck, in 2018 they brought one game to E3. One. Not a listicle of titles to be shown at their booth. Nintendo focused on the core of its consumers and won big.

I feel like Nintendo will bring this same attitude to E3 2018, focusing on what it does best. It sells consoles through the games, propels itself with exclusives, and shows an impressingly stylistic level of polish of those games. Super Smash Bros. is already a focus, giving fans what they’ve been clamoring for, and the rest is simply icing on the cake. I feel like Nintendo will have yet another big year under its belt when E3 2018 is all said and done.

First-Party FTW

Much like how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the focus for E3 2017, I feel Nintendo will continue to run at its own speed. That speed: Super Smash Bros., Metroid, and the rest of its first-party troop. Nintendo will undoubtedly bring the third-party games. But, the biggest success has come with its hard-hitting first party titles, followed by its remarkable third-party support.

We may see more games from Bethesda, including Fallout, maybe a Capcom title or two (wishes for Viewtiful Joe). But the main focus has, and will be, been long-running franchises. My prediction is that Nintendo will focus on these, but still give ample stage time for games like No More Heroes and more Bayonetta 3 details.

Ninten-dog and Pony show

One thing I think they will do for the sake of E3: throw the newly deemed president on stage. Nintendo needs to do this not only for investor confidence, but it also has a role in the fanaticism of Nintendo fans. Iwata was able to dawn those garbs and run with it, albeit Kimishima was a stand in and wasn’t susceptible to much criticism following Iwata’s death.

Shuntaro Furukawa on the other hand, needs to make his presence known. Fans, consumers, and any other person in a stones throw of Nintendo needs confidence. Even if that means staring at a banana in an E3 intro.

Something is on the horizon

Nintendo had a variety of patent designs in the early stages of the Nintendo Switch. Who knows what will be next?

When Nintendo first revealed the Nintendo Switch, there were promises that it wouldn’t take the place of the Nintendo 3DS. But, as time passed, the 3DS began to show its age, being outshined by the portability of the Switch.

Nintendo has mentioned that as a company it was indeed working on new hardware. But, I do think that an announcement is on the horizon.

If you go into your local Walmart or Target store (like I did this week), you will notice a significant reduction in the shelf space for 3DS titles. At my local Walmart here in California, the section was completely obliterated. At my local Target store, all 3DS titles were “Buy one, get one 50% off.”

I can’t quite figure out which direction the new announcement will steer towards. Maybe a more powerful docking station for the Switch so that it can output 4k? Maybe something aligned with NVIDIA’s streaming service? It’s not like Nintendo doesn’t have the ability or R&D to complete such a task. But, I am predicting that more horsepower is in the near future.

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