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Following yesterday’s Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event and subsequent demo release, the Nintendo Switch eShop is experiencing some issues. Initially, players were experiencing long wait times for demo downloads to start, likely due to the popularity of the demo. In response, Nintendo has had to take more drastic action.

Nintendo in Japan said the Switch eShop was undergoing emergency maintenance and may be unavailable to players. We can confirm that at one point the EU eShop was also down, and there were reports of similar results in the U.S. It’s likely then that the maintenance period occurred right across the board.

This is somewhat unprecedented and shows the sheer popularity of Monster Hunter. Sure, the eShop goes down from time to time, but it’s usually at random or for a big Nintendo launch like a new character like Joker arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The eShop is struggling to keep up with demand for a free, limited-time demo in this case though, which is probably a good sign for Monster Hunter Rise.

Maintenance seems to have since ended, as the Nintendo Switch eShop is pretty operational in the United States right now. If you do manage to log in, the Monster Hunter Rise demo will be live until 3:00 a.m. ET on Feb. 1, before the game’s full release on March 26.


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