Nintendo Europe Frankfurt office looks like it’s nearly complete

nintendo europe frankfurt office

It looks like the new Nintendo Europe Frankfurt office is almost complete, if the sturdy exterior is any indication. This means that we could see the company moving over at some point in the near future. Nintendo Europe is already based in Frankfurt, but a plan to move to a new headquarters has been in the works for a couple of years now. Now Twitter user @DomiNoctura has shared some photos taken of the building.

In images, the Nintendo Europe Frankfurt office looks somewhat similar to the company’s current headquarters in Japan, being another large white-ish block. There is a mild difference in the Nintendo logo, in that Frankfurt uses the Nintendo logo inside the oval, whereas the Japanese headquarters just uses the company name on the side of the building.

In a press release from 2018, it was reported that the company was targeting an August 2020 moving date. Given the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that will slow down Nintendo Europe’s efforts to make a migration. However, this does indicate that the office should be pretty much finished. It could even be possible that by the start of the new year there will be people working in this building, maybe.


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