Mario Kart 8 advertisements were seen during last night’s playoff game

Nintendo has been taking the promotion of Mario Kart 8 very seriously, promoting the game in places such as your local theater or even your Kindle reader. Nintendo now continues to do the unexpected and has begun venturing out of their comfort zone, promoting their latest gravity-defying arcade racer on more adult-centric television networks rather than just kid-centric ones such as Cartoon Network.

As seen by Nintendo Enthusiast staff member and occasional writer Matt Costello (Mattavelle1) as well as myself, if you watched the NBA playoff game last night between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunders without fast-forwarding through the commercials, you saw Mario Kart 8 being promoted on a number of occasions during breaks. For those who are unaware, the NBA tunes on TNT, ABC, and ESPN, among a few other national, international, and Canadian TV networks.

It’s definitely nice to see Nintendo finally doing their damn job. Matt Costello actually put it nicely: \”It’s like they got a quarter of a brain in the marketing department all the sudden.\”

Expect to see news like this for the entire year.

Have you been enjoying Mario Kart 8? Have any favorite courses or characters? What about Mario Kart TV? That’s our latest \”The Score\” question for you to answer this week.


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