Nintendo Fan-Art: Spotlight On The Zelda Race Meme

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This week in Nintendo Fan-Art we will be covering the Zelda Race Meme that popped up on deviantART in 2010 and soared into popularity. The meme was created by a deviantART user, Genea-Rebecca (check out her gallery full of Zelda art), who had the idea of artists drawing themselves in the style of each Zelda race. The rules were to draw yourself as a Goron, Zora, Deku, Rito, Skull Kid, Twili, Gerudo, Sheikah, Minish, Oocca, Fairy, Tokay, Kokiri, Korok, Anouki, Kikwi, Mogma, Loftwing, Keaton, a Zelda Enemy, and a Zelda Boss.

Of course, not every artist drew themselves as every single race but there was enough content there to come up with something great. I looked through as many of these drawings as I could handle over an hour (over 200?) and chose my 30 favorites. I then took those and whittled them down to the remaining 15 you see here. My criteria for choosing was that the drawing must either demonstrate a lot of

1) Skill [it should make you say \”Wow\”],

2) Style [the artist chose a unique art style to differentiate it from the rest] or,

3) Personality [the artist displayed humor, charm, or energy in their drawing.]

I\’m no artist and I don\’t know if those are common ways of choosing, but those were the characteristics that appealed to me most. So, here we go. Click on the thumbnails to get a better look.

by Altalamatox


 I appreciate the Disney-like cartoon style he’s going for. Reminds me of Alladin, Genie, and Jafar. Of course, those glasses add a comical taste to the whole thing. Would you look at that fairy?

by ~Hideki26


What sold me on this one were the hair styles. This artist excelled at making original head-pieces for each race. That gravely rock on top of the Goron. The grizzly mane on the Gerudo Prince. And the spooky curls on Phantom Hideki. The single wisp on top of the Oocca. Unique.

by ~Zeldia


I love the hand-drawn sketch-look of this one. The artist jumps around from style to style in a loose manner, evoking a light-hearted warmth to her drawings. Too bad poor Ezlo is stuck frozen to the top of that snowman.

by *BechnoKid


This is really wonderful! The whole thing reminds me of Hanna Barbera cartoons of old like Jetsons, Yogi Bear, and Scooby Doo. Yes, this is even more cartoony than Wind Waker, with corny cartoon jokes to boot.

by ~Tuinen


I can tell this artist was a real Zelda fan. His choices were much more original than the others. For example, he included the Giants from Majora’s Mask, Bongo Bongo from Ocarina of Time, the CD-i Link, and the Wind Waker version of fairies. Plus, the warm tones and hues he uses don\’t look too shabby either.

by *Rayum


This one cracked me up. Especially the Canadian Korok. I like the unique art style and the snarky comments.

by =Ganondorfs-Girl


This is a talented artist. The excellent shading makes it look like a painting. I like the enemy and boss choices of Real Bombchu from Majora’s Mask and Yellow Chuchu as a boss. (In Minish Cap the Chuchu is actually a boss.)

by *kiesu


An overall red hue permeates this entire drawing. The visual style is very appealing and for some reason this is one of my favorites of this bunch. The Twili and Gerudo certainly have unique looks. And the Minish is adorable.

by ~TehArtMonkey


The artist must have spent a really long time on this because it’s super-detailed. It almost looks like it was taken out of a graphic novel. My favorites in here are the very detailed Skull Kid and Rito.

by ~hikolol35


Chibi Dark Link?! Never heard of that before. But, I like the artists use of shading and the glow along the edges and contours of the figures. The artist also takes creative liberty when it comes to the maroon color displayed on some of the races.

by ~drewsefske


This one was all about personality. I won\’t describe it because I don\’t want to spoil any of the humor for you.

by ~enashii


No, this wasn\’t the most spectacular masterpiece and it certainly isn\’t perfect. But, the unique style and coloring set it apart visually from everything else. And the end product is something very pleasing.

by ~AmyNyan


The Porco Rosso reference sold me on this one instantly. I\’m sure I don\’t get a bunch of the references but I like the effort the artist took to make this interesting and different.

by ~pettyartist


I\’ll end with something completely different than the rest. A distinct cartoon-doodle look to this lineup gives it a cute and fun sense of energy and bounce.


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