E3 is swiftly approaching and Pokémon has a special Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct coming on June 5. Nintendo probably has a lot of Pokémon-related reveals in the coming month. And while everyone is expecting to see some new Pokémon, a new trademark is leading to a fair bit of speculation. Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, Inc. filed for a trademark for “POKEGENIC.”

The companies filed the trademark less than a week before the Sword and Shield Direct, meaning that the Direct could reveal what it really means. POKEGENIC could frankly be anything. The trademark is fairly all-encompassing, ranging from the obvious “entertainment” to the curious “education.” It could be a brand new video game that will be revealed at E3, or it could be a special feature in Pokémon Sword and Shield similar to Mega Evolutions or Z-Moves.

What could POKEGENIC mean?

The –genic in the name points to a few possibilities. As a suffix, “–genic” usually refers to a type of production. Think autogenic or ketogenic. As an adjective, “genic” means something related to genes, so it could refer to special types of breeding in the next generation of Pokémon games. After Alolan forms were introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, it’s possible that Pokémon Sword and Shield could introduce crossbreeding or even mutations. If Game Freak is feeling particularly ambitious, it could also refer to fusions, similar to the fusion mechanic for Kyurem introduced in Black 2 and White 2. However, POKEGENIC could be a portmanteau of Pokémon and photogenic. That could mean there’s a big photography-related game on the horizon. A Pokémon Snap sequel, perhaps?

No matter what POKEGENIC really refers to, all will be revealed soon enough. It could be something super ambitious or ridiculously mundane. Until then, it’s still fun to fantasize about Pokémon fusions and a new Pokémon Snap.


Mark Kelly
Fledgling Young Adult author and rabid Princess Peach fanboy. My favorite Nintendo games are Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, and Fire Emblem. I claim to be good at first-person shooters, but that's a dirty lie.


  1. Oh my god y’all and Pokemon Snap sequel. It ain’t ever gonna happen.

  2. Joe Merrick, owner of Serebii, just tweeted that this is something that has been known for a while. Its just photo spots for an event in Japan this August.

  3. They can keep Pokémon Snap & Pokémon Stadium in the garage where they belong. Funny how “fans” of those games don’t understand how the game was remade for the better in Generation VII with the Roto Finder. Also ya’ll seriously believe the GameFreak of now would seriously do those series right after the travesty that was Pokémon Let’s GO Garbage? However your point on them taking the Alolan Regional Formes concept and going steps further with it would be wild! Unsure of what to do if they did PokéFusions though, that’s super Digimonish and there’s already those image harassing the franchise.

  4. https://japandeluxetours.com/news/pikachu-outbreak-2019

    This article from May already says that Pokegenic is a photo op spot for the Pikachu Outbreak event in Japan. Please do more research when posting news.

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