There have been many indie developers such as Renegade Kid and WayForward Technology who have had instant hits on the 3DS and Wii U eShop but that doesn\’t keep Dan Adelman, Nintendo’s business development manager and indie liaison, from getting frustrated.  In an article from VG24/7 Adelman expressed his frustration in an interview with Gamasutra saying,

\”It’s crazy that there are so many developers who don\’t realize this, but yes, it is not only possible for an indie to get a game onto the eShop service, we\’ve tried to make it as frictionless as possible.\”

Adelman went on to say that Nintendo has always been willing to stick by and support any indie company that wants to get their game onto a console as long as they believe in it.  He explained that there isn\’t a need for a middle man between the developer and Nintendo,and that they don\’t need to launch a major PR campaign to promote it.

The easiest step for the indie developer is to register as an official Nintendo developer and they can jump right on board.  Adelman said that the \”no home office\” policy has been thrown out as well, and so now developers can work their magic while wearing their pj’s all day long.

Developers no longer have to wait too long for revenue to roll in as it is received right after the first sale.  The indies also won\’t need to have an international mail address in order to publish their wares worldwide and have complete and total control of pricing.

Adelman feels that,

\”…we\’ve built up a relationship of trust with a lot of the developers on our system, so they know they can say whatever’s on their mind.\”

Adelman stressed that Nintendo takes their relationship with indie developers very seriously and try to face issues head on.  He said they welcome feedback from the developers seeking their input and asking questions like How can our development tools be better? How can we improve our processes to make life easier for you? What kind of functions would you like to see that are missing from the eShop?

He wrapped up his interview by saying that he plays an important role as an indie development representative and that Nintendo’s main job within that circle of the industry is to make systems that are friendly and accessible for indie developers and their games.

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Source: [VG24/7]



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