The following is a fan translation of the Nintendo Investor Meeting.  Translation was done by twitter user Cheesemeister3k.  Some of the questions we don\’t have the translated answers for, when we do get them we will update this space.  There were some very interesting nuggets of information that came out of this investor meeting.

Namely, Nintendo intentionally held back announcements for games being released in 2014 both because there was \”too much information\” to reveal at e3, and they want to avoid revealing new types of games and give their competitors the ability to copy before Nintendo is able to ship.

Also interesting was that the lack of online coop play in Super Mario 3D World was a calculated move to allow the team to focus on polishing the mechanics and providing great local multiplayer.  Games that they feel have a place with online play will be developed with that in mind.  Further, they plan to continually add functionality to Miiverse, including the ability to upload play data so that others can play against you while you aren\’t playing (similar to the idea expressed in the Forza 5 \”driveatar\” coincidentally).

Without further adieu:

Q1 is about lack of innovation on new consoles.

A1: New consoles have always produced better graphics, but the work required may not be related to customer satisfaction.  Looking for ways to surprise customers in other ways than just creating pretty graphics. Iwata passed to Miyamoto to talk about Pikmin 3.

Miyamoto: We made Pikmin 3 with all of our effort. Beginners and fans alike can play. Game industry change comparable to manga –> anime.  Nintendo’s accused of having the same series again at E3, but that’s because they\’re character-centered, which is a strength.  You don\’t have to start by creating new characters in order to present new ways to play or new ways to use media.

Q2 is about how new controls will be done.

Q3: Virtual Boy on 3DS VC?

A3: New product announcements aren\’t made at an investor’s Q&A. VB didn\’t go well, but some liked its uniqueness.

Q4 requests more mini-games like StreetPass DLC, Wii Play: Motion.

Q5 is about Iwata’s \”commitment\” reported as implication of resignation.

Q6: Wii U support.

A6: There are few 3rd-party titles announced for Wii U, as was said. More support soon would be good, 2 things to do.  First: release 1st-party titles one after another starting next month will revitalize the Wii U. Second: make hits out of 3rd-party titles.There are more unannounced Wii U titles coming by 2014. There was more info than could be released at E3. Nintendo Wanted to ease owners\’ fears.  Don\’t want to leave a long gap between announcement/release of new game types that would lessen the impact or allow competitors to copy.  Nintendo has the job of both introducing video games to people who\’ve never played before as well as satisfying existing fans.

Q7: lawsuit loss.

A7: case not settled, but getting numbers ready in case payment ordered. Nintendo appealing 3/13 NY award of $30.2m.  Nintendo expects to win the patent case with Tomita Technology on appeal. In that case, the loss booked now will be re-applied as profit.

Q8 asks about the global strategy in terms of an aging population, language learning.

Q9 asks about Vitality Sensor, cafeteria food quality.

Q10 suggests a restructuring to cope with higher costs relative to similar sales to the year 2000 and post a profit.

Q11 on Web Framework.

Q12: network policy.

A12: Many ways to use networking, including online play, which requires being on at the same time. Miiverse shares exp.  With further development, you\’ll be able to send your play data to #Miiverse for others to download and play against at a different time.  This sort of feature will vary depending on network usage. NSMBU dev. efforts spent on tuning local multiplayer, Miiverse for strategy.  Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will have online play to meet customers\’ demands. Miiverse to enjoy games together at different times…to feel moved by others\’ play experiences, and to move others with your own experiences. Networking to be used to best match the game.

Q13 wants new leisure products beyond games/cards, stock owner gifts.

Q14 asks about dealing with misreporting by the media.

A14: Iwata: Some media reports have, w/o asking or referring to official announcements, w/o confirming…and reporting as if announced — that is, taking some of my words out of context and rewriting them to amplify animosity and reporting…as if I had said it. So when considering media influence and the content of reports and whether they\’d be misread, it may be refuted. So when ignoring such a report would be a big minus, I may actively respond. I cannot control information flow on the Internet. Because there may always be some very unfortunate or regrettable information transmitted, refuting would only help to spread it. Iwata: I take great care in deciding how to respond so as not to upset stock holders. Nintendo Direct is most-watched not on PC, but eShop. In that way there can be a direct channel to customers. By distributing info reliably, even if there are bad reports, not as big a problem.

Q15 is about offering help to 3rd-parties with the 3D display feature on 3DS.

A15: Gained lots of know-how on how much to separate eyes\’ perspectives and put little stress on the eyes. How successful software has done this is shared both within the company and with other companies when asked. No tool to indicate 3D limit…It’s up to humans to tell what the limit is for 3D volume. Player experience varies depending on the place. Some like low vol., others high. 3D volume adjustable in games, but fixed in downloaded trailers. The non-adjustable volume may not be fulfilling. Up to dev, but supporting.

Q16 asks if there\’ll be a stock split to keep it in reach of individual investors after new rules take effect in January.

What are your thoughts on what was discussed here?  Anything strike you that was missed in analysis?  Let us know in the comments!


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