Nintendo shows strength going forward

With Nintendo’s announcement of 23million yen net loss for fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, many sites went on their tangent about how Nintendo needs to leave the console industry, is in deep financial peril, etc. While posting losses are never a positive thing, Nintendo remains optimistic about the upcoming year, and tonight they held their Investors Meeting in Japan. Highlights of the meeting were the following:

  • The 3DS has reached 43 million units sold, so Iwata feels it’s time to reap the results.
  • Nintendo wants to regain momentum with the Wii U with Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Brothers
  • Quick-start update is planned for June
  • A Mario Kart TV Smartphone application is planned for end of the fiscal year, will include Mario Kart Replays and Rankings


  • Nintendo is launching Nintendo Figurine Platform
  • NFP Games/Figures will be shown at E3 this year\"FigurePlatform\"
  • NFC compatible with multiple games
  • Quality of Life announcements will be in January
  • Nintendo is looking at the China market
  • Wii U estimated sales of 3.6 mil for fiscal year is \”conservative\”
  • Iwata: \”Not hopeless or at a loss in coming up with something new but unless existing users satisfied we cannot release next hardware\”

Other highlights include a confirmation of Bayonetta 2 in 2014 (Summer in Japan, general \”2014\” listing for US) and Monolith Soft’s \”X\” is also still listed for 2014 release window. While doom and gloom may be the topic of the day, the topic of tomorrow will be much more interesting with all the new information coming from Nintendo’s Investor Meeting.

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